Thursday, August 25, 2011

Eid clutch

Hi there! It's almost Eid! i've been packing my things for a holiday in my hometown. Yay! and i made this super duper simple clutch from a placemat to keep my stationery. you only need a placemat & sew it! you just need half and hour to made this clutch. am using a decorative eraser for embellishment. what do you think? pretty cool huh?

......and this one.........for a friend....

you can also try to make this placemat clutch using this tutorials!

Good Luck!

pssttt... find me in this party!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Hi there, Salam Ramadhan to all Muslims. Finally i'm back from a long break (almost a month huh?). Eerrr...actually, i'm doing something that i want to do since i'm still a kid- playing guitar! So now, i have my own guitar (YAMAHA i love uuuuu!) and practicing about an hour/day. I'm so happy even it's hurting my finger!

(Gloria been tuning my guitar)

Anyway, last weekend, i managed to sew a simple skirt for my niece-Mia and teach her 10 yo sis-Izzati to sew her own skirt.

work in progress and....

wallla...done and terus pakai!

Mia wear a new pink skirt made by me!

Have a Good Day!