Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Hi there, Salam Ramadhan to all Muslims. Finally i'm back from a long break (almost a month huh?). Eerrr...actually, i'm doing something that i want to do since i'm still a kid- playing guitar! So now, i have my own guitar (YAMAHA i love uuuuu!) and practicing about an hour/day. I'm so happy even it's hurting my finger!

(Gloria been tuning my guitar)

Anyway, last weekend, i managed to sew a simple skirt for my niece-Mia and teach her 10 yo sis-Izzati to sew her own skirt.

work in progress and....

wallla...done and terus pakai!

Mia wear a new pink skirt made by me!

Have a Good Day!


  1. cutenye Mia and her pinky skirt :D

  2. lovely skirt!!.... wow guitarist rupanya ;)

  3. NoEn:
    cute kan, tapi kalau dah mengamukkk...hehehe..

    Nuno Lady:
    Thanks....hehehe baru jek belajar, masih tahap tadika nih.

  4. What a lovely pink skirt! Mia is so cute!!