Friday, April 13, 2012


i'm specializing in making bags, sometimes i do sewing other things too.
i have no confidence to make clothes except for myself !
 here are 2 maxi dresses which i made using this great tutorial from makeit-loveit for 
my friend Che Lin and  Beng.
(guess what? they keep on persuade and convince me to sew this maxi for them until i say yes! 
sabarr jek aku nih)
with my limited experience of making clothes,
 i sew this 2 dresses with hope that they'll love it as much as i do.

however, i will not take any orders for this maxi again ya!  


  1. ok per dress tu...lg senang sbb dress tu semi handmade kan??? ;)

  2. yup noen, tapi sebab saya tak ada basic buat baju so takut pemakai tak selesa, kalau baju sendiri boleh alter sendiri. ;)