Tuesday, April 24, 2012

shigoto lady

shigoto lady is a document bag ordered by my ex-student.
shigoto (しごと) is a Japanese word for work, occupation, employment.
so, basically it's a bag for a working lady .
she sooooo exited when i show this picture to her via facebook! 
and i'm glad she loves it so much!
(even before she touch it!)

actually, this is the same design of sensei bag with a different touch in  here and there-
 which i sew it last year. 


by the way,
last week i went to Chiangmai  to study about the design of the panda's exhibition hall in Chiangmai Zoo!
there are soooooo adorable and i just like want to hug them tightly!
they like to eat-sleep-eat-play-eat-sleep and eat again.


  1. Cantiknya........
    macam mana nak order beg ni?

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